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Squashes. Cucurbita maxima (Gallery 2)

Red Kury
The dark brick red coloured fruits have a chestnut flavor. They average 1,5-2,5 kg and have the shape of a spinning top. The flesh is orange, sweet and delicious. The variety is a good keeper, from 4 to 8 months.
This variety is originally from Japan. It is a selection of Potimarron. It is also known as “Uchiki Kury”.

A most appealing variety with a very ornamental hard silvery skin. The drum-shaped fruits, with heavy rounded ribs, range from 3 to 5 kg. The flesh is thick, dry, orange and medium sweet. It is a vigorous grower that adapts well to diverse climatic conditions. It is also a good keeper. 95-100 days.
Originally from Australia.

The fruits are slightly flattened in the shape of a drum. They are very uniform in size with a very small seed cavity. They weigh 2 to 2,5 kg. Their color is bright orange with indistinct salmon stripes. The flesh is smooth, orange and highly flavored. The fruit quality is highest at full maturity but the immature fruits may be eaten. This variety is a very good keeper. 100 days.
This variety was developed, in the USA, through further selection and selfing, beginning in 1958, from lines originally selected by the late Professor James G. Moore from crosses involving Golden Hubbard, Rainbow and Greengold. With Mooregold, Professor James G. Moore has achieved his initial objective to create a small to medium-sized squash with thick, high quality flesh but without the "turban" characteristics of Buttercup and the green mottling characteristic of Greengold.

Zapallo Grande de Guarda
The fruits have a skin of green and beige colour.
This very old variety is originally from South America.

Orange Banana
The fruits of this variety have a brilliant orange-colored flesh and skin.
This heirloom variety is originally from the USA.

Show King
The big stems grow over 5 meters. The spherical fruits are sometimes flattened and weigh from 20 to 100 kg. They have 10 very marked ribs. The smooth and hard skin is green. The flesh is very thick, pale yellow and of mild flavor. The fruits keep for only a few months.
This variety is originally from the USA.

This beautiful variety bears “Hubbard” type fruits. Most of the smooth thin-skinned 2-3 kg fruits have green and orange variegation, while some are solid green and a very few solid orange. The flesh is sweet, nutty and deep-orange. From direct sowing: 90-105 days.
This old heirloom variety is originally from the Lakota Sioux in USA. It was selected and improved by the Burpee seed company.

Dark Green Turban
It is a very popular variety for decoration because of its unique fruit.The sweet, floury flesh is excellent in soup.

Green Hokkaido
Each plant of this variety bears 1 to 3 grey-green fruits which average 1-2,5 kg. The yellow flesh is very sweet , non-fibrous and dry. The fruits are excellent keepers, up to one year. From direct sowing: 98 days.
A variety originally from Japan.